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A completely online 6 hour course created and presented by Lon Kilgore PhD & Tommi Kilgore MT (ASCP)


    2. Why do you want laboratory results?

    1. 2 - WHY TEST?

    2. Testing Needs


    2. Macronutrient Testing - Carbohydrate

    1. 4 - LIPID STATUS

    2. Macronutrient Testing - Lipid


    2. Macronutrient Testing - Protein

    1. 6 - WATER STATUS

    2. Macronutrient Testing - Water

Six Contact Hour CEU Course

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Course Content Creators

Lon Kilgore PhD FRSB

Professor & Course Director

Professor Lon Kilgore is a longtime contributor to the CrossFit community and the fitness industry in general. Credited as the first scientist to appreciate, and dissect, the CrossFit system, his works run the gamut from anatomical illustration to reports of physiological research, from writing for scientists to writing for the average gym-goer, and all points in between. Aside from his works used within the CrossFit trainer education system, he might be best known for his work with Mark Rippetoe as concept originator, co-author, illustrator, and book designer for “Starting Strength” and “Practical Programming” (first and second editions). He also conceived and co-created the Basic Barbell Training and Exercise Science specialty seminars offered through CrossFit in the mid-2000s. His career in training, competition, and coaching spans more than half a century and continues to this day. He has appeared on national event podiums in every competition category from youth to master and he has earned multiple world championship medals in Weightlifting and Powerlifting. His coaching career includes athletes in multiple sports from local level beginners to the international elite. Currently, after an award winning professorial career in higher academia, he now creates and delivers vocational and continuing education courses through the Kilgore Academy, works as a contracted writer and illustrator, and continues to collaborate within the scientific research community. Experimentation is still important to him as he considers his life in training, and out of training, a potentially useful and informative longitudinal case study having a substantial number of objective data points across six decades. He plans on training, competing, taking breaks intentionally or unintentionally, training more, competing more, and so forth for decades to come. His thoughts on aging, and his experience in actually getting old may one day soon, supported by his lifetime of data, be written up as a case study for a science journal.

Tommi Kilgore MT (ASCP)

Clinical Laboratory Consultant

Tommi is a notable authority on Medical Laboratory and Research Laboratory testing. She spent a decade as a bench scientist within a college of veterinary medicine and has over forty years of experience managing and supervising clinical laboratories. Her mastery of procedures and regulations has yielded a 100% pass rate on every laboratory inspection (CLIAA, CAP, Joint Commission) under her guidance.

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